The Essene Conspiracy - A Thriller by S. Eric Wachtel

$.99 12-05 to 12-11-2015!

Israel’s finance minister has been murdered in Jerusalem. Muslim terrorists are suspected, but no group has claimed responsibility.

Hours after a barely legible name--scribbled on the back of a blood-stained business card--is discovered in the shirt pocket of the slain minister,the Director of Israeli Intelligence, Ariel Davidov, calls a trusted friend, Harry McClure.

The former American naval intelligence officer had, when stationed in Israel, worked closely with Davidov. Now, president of an international security consulting firm, he is asked to investigate a possible American connection to the brutal crime.

McClure soon uncovers a Wall Street money laundering scheme linked to a  clandestine brotherhood’s plot to overthrow the Israeli government, reclaim the Temple Mount, and return Israel to its biblical roots.

Davidov is alarmed by the magnitude of the conspiracy. Recognizing the radical brotherhood’s plans could trigger a full-scale war between Israel and her Arab neighbors, aided by McClure, he races to organize a preemptive eleventh-hour strategy aimed at thwarting the imminent attack.