The Magic Tent And The Blue Apple - A paranormal adventure story for children by Samson Penkar

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Shawn thought the family trip to Uncle Sam’s village would be the same as always. The Millers would sit around the table, enjoy a hearty supper and exchange gifts.

But this time was different. Uncle Sam gave Shawn a tent and encouraged him to spend the night in the backyard. And when Shawn wakes up the next morning, he’s still inside the tent — but nowhere near Uncle Sam’s house. He steps out of the tent into a new land, where there are no people to be found.

How did Shawn arrive in this strange new place? Could the tent be a portal to a different dimension? And if so, is Uncle Sam in on the secret?

Shawn won’t know the truth until he travels back his family.


Samson Penkar lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he enjoys writing paranormal mysteries by the Mediterranean coast. The Indian-born writer is the author of a number of young adult books, including Gilbert, When a Butterfly Goes on a Date, The Milestone and The Death of a Judge. Samson recently traveled sixteen hours by bicycle into the Negev Desert, fully equipped with camping gear, which served as inspiration for his latest work, The Magic Tent.
In 2011, the author was a major competitor on Master Chef Israel, a popular reality series. Although he loves cooking, Samson prefers writing literature to cookbooks, which he finds technical to the point of excess. Someday, however, he'd like to write a book about food and culture, which may very well be the product of a future cycling trip across East Asia.