THE HELIOS RAIN by Peter Glassman

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The Helios Rain is an Iranian neuromuscular chemical agent which is activated by the sun’s rays. Air Force Major Dr. Mathew Collins is the sole survivor of his special operations unit in Afghanistan after chemical attack by Iranians. He survives with amazing muscular powers. Collins is still a military target in his San Antonio plastic surgery practice. The U.S. fears its next home attack will be with this chemical weapon and finding the reason for Collins’ immunity may save the country. Iranian Lieutenant Kahlid Vermani, also a Helios Rain survivor like Collins, is sent by Iran to the U.S. to find Collins before this happens.

Kahlid Vermani uncovers three former Afghanistan military returnees with the name Mathew Collins in his mission to find the correct Helios Rain survivor: an Army Sergeant, a Navy SEAL Lieutenant and Dr. Mathew Collins. It is an agenda of discovery and death.