The Jersey City Fortune Teller - A timely parlour mystery by S.P. Medway

“The Jersey City Fortune Teller” is an extraordinary ride through ten days in October 1986.  Nick Black, a London share trader and collector of antiquities, is in his late twenties when approached by an American man who invites him to Madame Lola’s long forgotten fortune-telling parlour in Jersey City, where he is introduced to a curious, unworldly multimillionaire, Cornelius Endecott, who claims to see the future and to come from the past. Endecott sheds light on Nick’s arcane family history and invites him into an investment scheme, an obvious confidence trick, that he avows to be powered purely by clairvoyance. Pursued by people who mistake him for someone they believe to know the location of a fabled treasure, Nick chances upon a beautiful, fascinating woman and undergoes a series of vivid encounters that lead him to question everything he knows. Following his natural curiosity, Nick evades his stalkers as he considers the nature of time, the powerful allure of dreams and the likelihood of grand conspiracy. Bound to historic characters he could not have imagined, Nick discovers a family secret so strange that it almost overwhelms him. The Jersey City Fortune Teller may haunt you.