Relative Malice - a book of suspense by Marla Madison

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Detective Kendall Halsrud is a woman easily identified with. As the reader first meets Kendall, she's investigating the scene of a home invasion that has left an entire family dead and a baby missing.
Kendall’s car is stuffed with all her worldly goods after being tossed out by a disgruntled roommate. She takes an apartment across the hall from a young girl with albinism who does card readings to earn extra money. Brynn, who is also a hacker, helps Kendall in her search for the missing child everyone else believes is dead.

A PI hired by the family to find the baby wants her to join forces with him. A former cop, he is the one Kendall believes responsible in a drug bust that led to her getting shot a year ago. In her desperation, Kendall must overcome her dislike of him in order to find the child. Together, they put their lives at risk to find the baby.

Suspense is rampant in this page-turner! You'll fall  in love with the characters, especially Kendall, who is strong but still suffers with problems all women run into: her relationships with men, her appearance, her overbearing father, and the friends she never has time for.
Relative Malice is a book you'll want to cuddle up with on a cold winter's night! Get your copy now.