The Sword of Islam - a gripping erotic action adventure novel by J.D. Sinclair

When Iran is on the verge of getting a nuclear bomb, Israel attacks, and it's Mossad agents spark an internal revolt that is on the verge of driving a stake through the heart of the radical Iranian theocracy.

With their backs to the wall, the Iran's Supreme leader decides to launch a last ditch "Hail Mary" attack directed at Israel's key supporter, The United States.

Iran's selects its version of James Bond, Kemal, giving him command of its last elite forces, to be the Sword of Islam, his mission, delivering a devastating blow to major cities in the United States.  The Supreme Leader of Iran truly believes he will destroy America,and force it and Israel to their knees.

The moment he is given his suicide mission, Kemal also knows he must get Laura, his wife and the love of his life, out of Iran to safety before his attack is driven home, to save her and his children from the devastating counter attack by the United States.

Iran's last all out offensive is discovered by Israeli agent Suji, who operates out of a bordello, the Comida Chino, and as a result, against Kemal, and his elite forces, Israel deploys its best soldiers and agents who willingly give their lives in a determined heroic and desperate effort to stop the attack, with the lives of millions of Americans hanging in the balance.

As one Amazon reviewer put it:

The Sword of Islam a provocative thriller is a most appropriate book for the times. It captures the United States presence in a real life setting with Iran and Israel. J D Sinclair has done a masterful job of putting life to the enemy of the United States. They are not just creatures of 'evil' designed to kill. They have a life and happiness but they have a desire to further their views. We [the United States] are definitely an enemy to be destroyed with any and all means possible. Israel, though our ally, still has their own agenda and will put it first.
There is plenty of sex, intrigue and a knowledge of history and guns to make the story interesting besides being informative. The enemy, Iran, flaunts and exposes our weakness in dealing with them.
This book is a Mickey Spillane style book. It is fast moving and hard to put down.