Y - a YA romance novel by Rain Arlender


The main character of the novel is sixth form student Neasa Morrigan. A girl who is part of a small secular community (not a religion) and lives according to their rules, though she is by nature even more solitary than her companions.

Ryan Delaney is a young talented actor who is slowly but surely heading for world fame. Their encounter does not appear life-changing at first, but the more they get to know each other the quicker they seem to slip into something that neither of them want or had planned for. Over time the question arises: can there be happiness where one person gives up everything for the other? And is there such a person who can accept that? They both try, but the very last step is something neither of them can take. And thus they are left with little to face the world with…

Our whole life – is an endless Y. As you head up its stalk, you always have two options – but the possibilities live inside you, not in the circumstances – whether you choose right or left, once you have chosen, the road splits into another Y – and you can once again ponder on what to pick next.