Zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships & Careers - a self help/New Age/Occult book by Y Kwan Loo


1.   Are you struggling to find a Compatible Partner (personal or business)?
2.   Do you know which Job/Career suits your personality or temperament?

If you have answered YES to either question, then this UNIQUE BOOK is for YOU!

“Zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships & Careers”
How research-based Western and Chinese astrology can help you make the big decisions in life

Who should read this BOOK?

Business leaders/owners/employers, mentors, recruitment consultants, coaches, practising astrologers, career counsellors/advisers, dating agencies, matchmakers, marriage counsellors, business/management consultants, academics, would be astrologers, job seeking students/graduates, people with relationship issues, and individuals who need some career guidance, will find invaluable insights, advice and facts including:-

  • Strengths and weaknesses for each star sign (total of 24 for both Western/Chinese)
  • Personality traits of existing or potential partners (for life or business)
  • Potential compatibility or not with other star signs
  • Star signs of the famous, successful or the infamous
  • Potentially ‘ideal’ jobs or careers to suit each of 1728 combinations of Chinese/Sun/Moon signs
  • Other well known people who share your star signs
  • Learn about the famous couples such as Madonna & Sean Penn, Ant & Dec, Ronald & Nancy Reagan, ABBA, Prince Charles & Princess Diana, Adolf Hitler & Eva Braun, Wallis Simpson & King Edward VIII and many more!
  • Correlations of personality traits based on official obituaries written by impartial professionals, who were non astrologers

Readers’ comments:

‘A unique and easy to understand guide when looking from a completely different angle into potential compatible careers and relationships’
- Barbara Whitney, Director, Lamberhurst Corporation

‘Fascinating and illuminating'
- Neil Somerville, Writer, Astrologer and Consultant

'Interesting and surprisingly accurate combinations'
- Paul Blundell, CEO, Programming Research Group Ltd

‘The research that went into this book is truly amazing. Which is one reason why the book works so well. It is accurate and really works and will be a valuable book for anyone who is open minded enough to buy a copy.’ – MartinS

‘By chance I met the author of this book last week and had a fantastic conversation which (even as a sceptic), I found enlightening. It inspired me to order this book and I am looking forward to reading it. ‘ – GJWoodward

‘Fantastic read, would I recommend? Yes I would. Really enjoyed how the author structured this book and how easy he made it when navigating through the different sections. Big thumbs up from me.’ - Russell