Blood Seed - Book One of the powerful fantasy series Coin of Rulve by Veronica Dale

On certain nights, Wask the beetle-man emerges from the Riftwood to terrorize the backward village of At-Wysher. Eighteen-year-old Sheft fears he knows the reason why.

Hiding that dangerous knowledge, and well aware of his suspect position as a foreigner, he keeps himself apart. Yet Mariat, beyond what he has ever dared to dream, breaks through his self-imposed isolation and gives her heart to him.

Their love deepens, but Sheft can’t bring himself to tell Mariat the truth about his worst fear. A shocking revelation about who he really is hits him hard, as does the discovery of what his destiny demands: if he truly cares for Mariat, he must find the strength to sever the relationship that means everything to him.

Meanwhile, unknown to Sheft, a vicious power struggle between the council of elders and the village priestess is tightening a lethal net of prejudice and hatred around him. As this menace grows, and as the beetle-man stalks ever nearer to his door, he finally confronts the true magnitude of the appalling evil arrayed against him.

"A potent mix of fantasy, romance, and intrigue ”… 

“a beautifully crafted page-turner rendered with stunning depth”… 

“I’d definitely recommend Blood Seed to readers who enjoy dark fantasy, but who still prize romantic fiction. You won’t be disappointed.”