The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits - teen/YA fantasy by Clive Culverhouse

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Imagine growing up with an ancient sacred legend only to find out you're in it; your life would never be the same again. Who would you trust with your secret? That's what happened to Kyan as he was born into a world of powerful crystals and frightening Fire-Tongue dragons. Now he must decide who to trust.

The Legend of Heliodor is known throughout the land; taught and embellished by the mysterious and scary Professor Cinnabar. A scruffy, young boy called Kyan finds himself thrown into the magical story and becomes the legend itself as a dangerous quest falls upon him to bravely battle evil and try to re-unite two crystal spirits parted by a powerful King a thousand years ago. The crystal spirits must come together again or the once wealthy realm faces a violent destruction from the crystal spirit and the Fire-Tongues.

It is widely known, from ancient times to today, that crystals have special powers about them whether for healing, guidance or protection, but now those powers are taken to the next level in this amazingly enchanting tale where gemstones, magic and alchemy come to life in spectacular fashion.

Colourfully glistening, exciting and magical fantasy fiction for teens and young adults, although let’s be honest, we all like magic and adventure, we’re all young at heart no matter how old we are.

A wondrous world of lively breath-taking gemstones awaits you…

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