After the Evil – A Jake Roberts Novel (Book 1) by Cary Allen Stone

After the Evil (A Jake Roberts Novel Book 1)

It's been a bad week for homicide detective Jake Roberts. In a late night firefight, Jake kills a shooter in a ski mask firing an AR-15. Jake is wounded. The mask is removed and the shooter is a sixteen-year old girl. Per precinct policy, Jake is required to see the division’s shrink, Dr. Thaddeus Abrams. Leaving Abram’s office abruptly, he passes stunning flight attendant Lori Powers in the outer office. Later that night, Dr. Abrams is murdered. Jake’s investigation begins with questioning Abram’s patients including Lori. During her questioning, he finds he is attracted to her. Not long after, Jake begins seeing Lori, and they fall in love. Jake and FBI profiler Mika Scott link Abrams’ death to a rash of serial killings. The cold trail they’re on ignites into flames when Jake realizes who the killer is. Will Jake get there in time to stop her from fleeing her last murder?