Leaving Lily Behind - Romance by Christine Wenrick

Leaving Lily Behind - Romance by Christine Wenrick

$1.99 (regularly $2.99) 26.05.2016 - 30/05.2016!

Aiden Rowan has made a choice he wishes he could have back. As a human Guardian for The Brethren, he agreed to be part of a former Elder’s super-soldier experiments involving vampire blood transfusions. His reasons for doing so were close to his heart, but the results are now costing him his humanity and slowly changing him into the lethal and dangerous creature he wanted to defeat—a vampire. Just when he thinks he’s accepted his fate, a woman enters his life with the promise that she can help. From the moment Aiden lays eyes on Lily Abbott, he feels lost in a good way—a human way. But can he trust himself now that he’s changing? Refusing to allow the darkness growing inside him to ever hurt her, he chooses to leave Lily with the intention never to return.

Lily has many secrets, and some she must keep from the man she has come to The Oracle to save. What she didn’t expect was to care deeply for Aiden, or be so affected when he refuses her help and leaves abruptly. But when she’s attacked one night by another super-soldier, Aiden returns as quickly as he left. Once the two are reunited, the pair have an almost combustible chemistry, leading Aiden to questions what brought Lily to The Oracle and into his life in the first place.

Will Aiden and Lily find love together, or will his change and her secrets drive them apart for good?