IT'S NEVER OVER - a suspense thriller by David Methvin Pierce

IT'S NEVER OVER - a suspense thriller by David Methvin Pierce

Free 8/18/2016 - 8/22/2016!

What would you do? What if you were a fifteen-year-old identical twin, who, along with your sister, was sexually assaulted by a gang of eight boys? What would you do if the backwoods southern town you lived in refused to arrest the criminals? What if your sister became so traumatized that her life would never be the same. If you were Misty Judge, you would seek revenge. You would stop at nothing to avenge your sister and reclaim the life taken from you that fateful day in 1973. You would do what you had to do until it was over. Unfortunately, it’s never over. IT’S NEVER OVER, a fast-paced thriller, a novel of suspense, is set in small town in rural Tennessee, IT’S NEVER OVER explores the plight of the poor when they take on the established privileged. Misty risks it all to see justice served, and finds herself fighting both the demons of her past and small town corruption. Alone, she must rely on her wits, patience, and sense of purpose to attempt the impossible. She would gladly give her own life to achieve her goal, but how many other lives is she willing to risk?

Kirkus Reviews says " Pierce’s compelling premise taps into the zeitgeist, as the silencing of rape victims and the failure of social institutions to support them are all-too-important issues."

You can't help but hold your breath as Misty Judge encounters obstacle after obstacle with the resolve never ever to give up in her quest to right the wrongs. After all, IT'S NEVER OVER.

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