Leave The Grind Behind - a transformational self-help read by Justin Gesso

 Leave The Grind Behind - a transformational self-help read by Justin Gesso

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Is there something more to life than a standard job?

Leave the Grind Behind is for anyone who has built a good career, is probably comfortable, yet has an itch—a realization even—that there is more to life.

This book is dedicated to all those ready to forge their own path, get more out of life, and burn their imprint on the world. You want more money, more freedom, and to build your own legacy. Perhaps you want to carve a future by leveraging your talents to freelance, consult, or become an entrepreneur.

Leave the Grind Behind is packed with actions, habits, and tools that will enable your success and explode your results. It will help you build the legacy you envisioned yourself leaving. You will develop a plan for leaving the grind behind, execute on that plan, and do so with minimal risk.

Time is your most valuable asset. Spending the majority of your waking time working for someone else’s dream won’t let you achieve the life you want. You’ll end up as just another cog in the daily grind, working for an upper-middle class salary with no real end in sight. Your own dreams are fading… but you’re not ready to go down without a fight.

If this sounds like you, you’re ready for more in life than just a job. You’re ready to venture into a realm that will be more rewarding, more exciting, and more personal.  You’re ready for something that will make you a fortune.

This book is for you if you want to…

  • Quit your day job and follow your passions to become a consultant, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur.
  •  Be a rock star at the job you already have, opening your career wide.
  • Identify your personal and professional goals, then design your life around them.
  • Reduce the risk of doing something big.
  • Create new revenue streams while working your current job… or not.
  • Purchase investment properties.
  • Complete that passion project on the side.
  • Write a book.
  • Provide for yourself and your family without compromise.
  • Live a superior life directed by you rather than someone else.
  • Enjoy freedom and the best things life has to offer.
  • Leave a legacy.

This book will inspire you to leave the daily grind and start a life in which you drive the results. A life in which you:

  • Earn money via multiple channels
  • Are in control of your time
  • Do things you enjoy
  • Leave a legacy that makes you proud

It can be a daunting proposition to completely kick your job and spend as much time as you want on projects that excite you. If you’re not quite ready to go all in, this book will give you plenty of guidance and inspiration to get you started.

To start an excellent, scalable business, you’re probably looking at a couple of years of tremendously hard work with little return and no guarantee. If you already have a solid job, a mortgage, and a family to support, you know that immediately jumping into the deep end is just too risky.
But, that doesn’t need to stop you.

There is no shortage of self-help, personal development, and get-rich books on the market. And that’s great. Life is a journey, and we all need fresh sources of inspiration and ideas to keep ourselves motivated and challenged. This book provides that for you. But it can do something more.

Many books come from authors who’ve had one particularly large success. Leave the Grind Behind provides a more generally accessible path. This book is a guide to transitioning from being a Cog to being a Grinder as quickly as possible while greatly reducing your risk. You won’t necessarily learn how to be a one time success, but rather to consistently find one success after the next. You’ll get the tools to achieve repeated excellence. Before you know it, you’re living the life you’ve always dreamed of, and realize you now need to set new and bigger goals.