Fragile Cord - a psychological thriller by Emma Salisbury

Fragile Cord - a psychological thriller by Emma Salisbury

Introducing Detectives Kevin Coupland and Alex Moreton as they investigate the murder suicide of a young woman who had everything to life for - or so it seemed. 

How far would you go to hide the truth?
A small boy lies drowned in the bottom of a bath
His mother is found with a noose around her neck…
The local community is in shock.

Introducing Salford detectives Kevin Coupland and Alex Moreton as they investigate what appears to be a routine murder-suicide. Tracey Kavanagh was her usual upbeat self; right up until the moment she drowned her son and tied a rope around her neck killing herself and her unborn child. For Alex Moreton, this case couldn't have come at a worse time, battling with her partner over whether to have another child, she is superstitious about pushing their luck - they're happy enough as they are...aren't they? DS Kevin Coupland is dealing with a serious assault outside a wine bar in Swinton. Devoted family man Ricky Wilson is brutally stabbed following an altercation with youths while out with his wife and their children to celebrate her birthday. Coupland and Moreton's cases merge when it transpires that Tracey and Ricky were tragically connected. Is it possible that there could be more to these two investigations than pure coincidence? And what was Tracey Kavanagh so frightened of she thought wiping out her family was the answer?

As the past collides with the present Coupland uncovers a tragic secret that will destroy Tracey's family, or what's left of it. Coupland must choose whether the truth shall come out - or be taken to the grave.

FRAGILE CORD is an emotional rollercoaster charting the psychological meltdown of a mother with a deadly secret.

Fans of Mark Billingham and Lynda La Plante will be gripped by this exceptional crime fiction series.

Watch out for more from D.S. Coupland
A Detective battling personal tragedy, Kevin Coupland will stop at nothing to protect a key witness in a drive-by shooting. FRAGILE CORD is the first book in the series – book two, A PLACE OF SAFETY and Book three ONE BAD TURN are out now.

What people are saying about Fragile Cord

‘A police procedural done right.’
‘Keeps you guessing.’
‘Tautly written, well-paced with a strong sense of place. Could be the start of a smart series.’
‘A page-turner that keeps you guessing right to the final twist.’
‘Once started I couldn’t put down.’
‘Hope it’s not the last we hear of Coupland and Moreton!’

'Emma Salisbury slaps you with a surprise right from the get-go and keeps you riveted trying to figure out "why, why, why?" Never during the basic story does she drop you little hints. Not one time. Why does a seemingly normal, happy family get torn asunder?' Carol Piner, Kindle Book Review