The Orthodontic Cure - Health & Fitness by Sheila Birth

The Orthodontic Cure - Health & Fitness by Sheila Birth

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Orthodontics can improve airways and improve health and actually save lives.  Orthodontists are also able to, most of the time, cure someone's migraines.  Please read and you will learn lots of information that can improve your life.

Amazon synopsis:

Orthodontics can change your life! Orthodontics provides key pieces of the puzzle for total body health.

What? Isn't orthodontics just braces and straight teeth? Actually Orthodontics is much more than straight teeth. Orthodontics is the only profession, medical or dental, that can change skeletal structure without surgery.

Orthodontists can expand the upper palate and move the lower jaw forward with simple orthodontic appliances. When orthodontists do these skeletal changes, they also affect the airways. Orthodontist can improve airways and improve breathing. Breathing is everything. Breathing is life. Problems with breathing can lead to poor performance in school, at work and in athletics. Problems with breathing can lead to snoring and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be life threatening, as it affects sleep, cardiac function, blood pressure, mental function and much more.

Your teeth are important for nutrition and communication (smiling is universal). If your teeth are out of alignment, it can lead to clenching and grinding, with the brain subconsciously trying to grind these teeth into position. Grinding and clenching affect the muscles, the muscles develop triggers or knots that lead to jaw pain, TMJ pain, muscle pain, and persistent headaches and migraines.
I am writing this book so that patients can quit suffering. There are simple orthodontic solutions that do not involve drugs, injections or surgery. I want to get the word out to people that have been suffering for years, taking drugs that are masking the pain, but not curing it. I am writing this book in hopes that other orthodontist can appreciate what they can do to make their patients healthy. All orthodontists can use the many tools that they have to improve their patients' lives.