The Kaleidoscope - romantic suspense by B K Nault

The Kaleidoscope - a suspense and thriller by B K Nault

$0.99 (regularly $5.99) 3/17/2017 - 3/19/2017!

When a mysterious homeless man insists Harold take a beautiful, handcrafted kaleidoscope, his black-and-white world  quickly spins into Technicolor chaos. Along with a perky breast cancer survivor named Pepper, and Rhashan, a colorful Rastafarian co-worker, Harold's journey becomes a high octane chase to save the 'scope from falling into the wrong hands.

From IndyTale Magazine, Five stars and crowned heart award. Sarah E Bradley reviewer: “A rare combination of philosophical, mystery and thriller, with “The Kaleidoscope” author B.K. Nault has created some of the best character growth this reader has seen in a long time…The mystery that unravels around the Kaleidoscope is well written and unravels in a way that leaves the reader both thinking and guessing. The bit of romance Harold finds as well, will make the reader smile and cheer at the end. “The Kaleidoscope” should be on every reader’s must-read list!”