Pockets of Darkness - a dark urban fantasy by Jean Rabe

Pockets of Darkness - a dark urban fantasy by Jean Rabe

Bridget O'Shea isn't hero material. She's a thief...a really good thief...and a smuggler. But when she steals the wrong artifact and calls forth a demon.

She’s drawn to very old and interesting things because of her gift of psychometry. Bridget is the “real deal,” able to hold an object and delve into its past. She can look out through an ancient Egyptian shabti and see the carver, hear everything going on around him—and clearly understand the long-dead language. She can touch a baseball hit by Cool Papa Bell and watch him round third base and head for home, cheered on by a crowd on a bright summer afternoon. Bridget can “live” history.

Her addiction to ancient pieces lures her to steal an object from a Manhattan apartment, and thereby acquire the demon. The demon has its own agenda—and if she doesn't cooperate the people close to her will die.

But if she goes along with the malevolent thing, a lot more people could stop breathing.

The face she presented to the world...that of an honest and successful businesswoman dealing in antiques, is ripped away.

She has to lose everything, perhaps even herself. Maybe she has to become a hero.