On Angelic Wings - An Urban Fantasy by Adam Gowans

On Angelic Wings - An Urban Fantasy by Adam Gowans

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Avalys, Jayd, and his brother become leaders of their two different crime families when Avalys’s guardian and the brothers’ two current leaders die. She is reluctant because she is terrified it will eventually lead her to confront Tyson, the head of her family’s worst rival among the four large families, who wants to kill her since she rejected him in the past.

Jayd and his brother make an alliance with Tyson based off his brother’s intelligence that Avalys will be at an old warehouse with the other two family leaders as they form an alliance. Tyson uses his knowledge of the warehouse to ambush the two families and plant a bomb in its basement, where experimental chemicals are stored. The ambush fails, but all of the families are in a huge battle at the warehouse when the bomb goes off, making the chemicals drench the area.

The survivors begin to develop extraordinary abilities, each family developing a distinctive skill. Jayd learns Avalys is alive and he is to kill her while she is still in the hospital. He uses his new transformation ability and meets her while he is in disguise as Derik. He doesn’t recognize her and begins to befriend her before a nurse tells him her identity. He keeps his identity secret from Avalys as they continue to meet, developing feelings for her that she is reluctant to accept and return. She eventually agrees to meet with “Derik” outside the hospital.

As she inspects a family business, Jayd’s family attacks as he realizes they were childhood friends. He leaves to rescue her, but she wounds him before running to safety, to meet Derik, and finally learns Jayd is Derik and their history before her head leader catches them together. They manage to escape, but Avalys returns to her family the next day to head off any fighting. Jayd stays with her as best he can, eventually stopping her head leader from raping her. He joins her family and becomes a leader because of the new vacancy. The ex-head leader kidnaps them, does his best to brainwash her to kill Jayd, and she has to kill him for her and Jayd to escape.

After Jayd wakes up and heals, he searches for her since she has run away and finds her with help from their future son. She learns she has summoned a demon because of the terror she felt and the method used to brainwash her. The demon nearly convinces her to kill Jayd again, but their future son stops her and helps her defeat the demon before he returns to his time. Avalys and Jayd eventually marry, but she has to go into hiding since Tyson summoned a different demon to kill her.
Once Jayd kills the demon, she returns with their newborn son. Tyson’s obsession grows to threaten the city and he outright attacks the opposing two families’ mansions and the government buildings. Jayd’s brother, intolerant of Tyson’s threats towards his blood family, abandons him, informing the other families that Tyson is building a demon army.

A child-sized demon gives Tyson an orb that keeps portals open to the demonic realm, and he uses it while his family and demon army attacks the city. The three families fight back with the city’s army but are slowly overwhelmed. Avalys defeats the small demon and summons an angel army to wipe out the rest. Jayd, his brother, and another colleague fight Tyson to destroy the orb. Jayd gets the orb away from Tyson but Avalys sacrifices herself to save him as Tyson shoots at him. She has Jayd use her blood to destroy the orb and he kills Tyson.

Avalys’s funeral is held a week later while the city army hunts Tyson’s family and rescuers search for survivors and bodies.