Painting Rainbows - bittersweet short story by Sue Lilley

Painting Rainbows - bittersweet short story by Sue Lilley

Free 3/26/2017!

"I was a fantasy. A nice memory. People like you don't need a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow."

Mandy always adored Joel. But he was the local hot-boy and she was the schoolgirl neighbor barely on his radar. Their paths don’t cross again until they’re free and single young adults. They meet by chance in a picturesque seaside village, perfect for sizzling summer afternoons and endless sultry nights of newly discovered passion. They know instantly they’re soulmates, destined to be lovers forever.

But life isn’t like that. A curved ball is hurled right under their feet, wrenching them apart. Will real life conspire against them? Or can they find each other once again and live happily ever after?

A bittersweet short story for lovers of sensual contemporary romance. Described by readers as “unique and captivating with an emotional twist you won’t want to miss.”