Declan - contemporary romance by Amelia Shea

Declan - contemporary romance by Amelia Shea

$0.99 (regularly $6.99) 5/1/2017 - 5/14/2017!

She can run… Evie Smith has been on the run for the past eight years. She has mastered the art of blending into the crowd, fading into the background and never being seen. She has to, it’s the only thing standing between her and survival from a man that will never stop until he finds her. All she must do is follow the rules. How hard could that be?

But she can’t hide… Declan Lockwood has been watching her closely. It’s his job. His natural-born instinct to protect the weaker has him on the chase for the little recluse who takes great effort in going unnoticed to everyone but him. All he has to do is catch her, protect her and get the million-dollar bounty off her head. How hard could that be?

Evie expects to run and hide, Declan expects to catch her and protect her. What neither one anticipates is to lose their hearts and fall in love. They might just get their happily ever after…if they can survive.

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