Ocean In A Drop - Literary Fiction by Tami Shaikh

Ocean In A Drop - Literary Fiction by Tami Shaikh

Outwardly, the Hussain family sets a sterling example for their neighbors in their community in Pakistan. Sadiq and Sitara Hussain are both deeply religious, but two of their children chafe under the rigid rules enforced in their home. One day, the two decide that they can’t bear it a moment longer.

Miraj and Asad are convinced that their happiness would be jeopardized if they stayed in Pakistan. Asad would be demonized for his sexual orientation. Miraj would be given away in marriage without her consent. The two plan their escape to the United States, a place where they believe all their dreams can come true.

While their brother, Adam, remains behind and follows in his father’s footsteps, Miraj and Asad face new challenges in America. They’ve come to the country in search of themselves, but will they find what they are seeking in the alien land across the ocean?

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