Legends & Lies (The Golden Den Book 1) - Fantasy Adventure by M. Jiminez

Legends & Lies (The Golden Den Book 1) - Fantasy Adventure by M. Jiminez

Living in Sarvyr hasn’t been easy for Adastros since his father’s death. As the town’s chieftain and a praised warrior, he left behind an incredible legacy that few believe Adastros can live up to. While it had once been believed that Adastros’ potential was limitless, such ideas have long vanished from the minds of those in Sarvyr. Now he is only a reminder of a lost hero, an unfortunate boy with no father, a potential adversary who may yet pose a threat to those now in power…

Still haunted by the loss of his father and the judgmental eyes of those around him, Adastros dreams of a day he can show everyone what he is truly capable of. The arrival of the Waypost Hunt gives him the chance to do just that.  When all is finally going well and Adastros thinks his future is set, lies, schemes, and murder destroy any hope of a life in Sarvyr and force him to flee his home.

As a fugitive falsely accused, Adastros desires now more than ever to prove himself. With nothing left to lose, he sets out on a quest that will attest to his greatness for all to see. The legendary Golden Den may seem like nothing more than a myth, but Adastros knows proving its existence will etch his name in history forever. Unfortunately, his escape from Sarvyr has left him stranded with few supplies and no idea where to begin his search— and in more danger than he realizes. When he stumbles across an ancient elven city, he is thrust into the middle of an unprecedented war threatening the elves’ survival. Will Adastros have what it takes to turn the tide of battle? Could this be the opportunity he has been waiting for?

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