Yes, You Do Have Time! by James Butch Tanner

Yes, You Do Have Time! by James Butch Tanner

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For years, I have heard the dreams of people. Business ideas, inventions, innovative ministries, book ideas, have flowed from their hearts and minds during conversation.   Many of their ideas have been bold, creative, and exciting.  Some of them could actually be life changing for many people.

Regularly, I encouraged people to pursue their ambition. I challenged them to lay out a plan and stick to it. Unfortunately, as obstacles arose, I watched the excitement fade and the dream shelved. True potential was forfeited again and again. The world would have to wait. The top killer obstacle seemed to be time.

I wrote, Yes, You Do Have Time!, to address that issue.

Yes, You Do Have Time! offers two great finds. First, discovering time you didn't think you possessed. Second, giving you practical ways to use those moments to positively impact your life.

You have dreams you can fulfill, projects you can complete, and accomplishments that can be done to positively impact your life and income, with the time you already have.

In this book you get the skills to:
• Discover the time you need to start fulfilling your dreams.
• Clearly define your dream.
• Effectively banish time debits.
• Plan for and achieve your goals.

Many times a project gets started, but it is quickly shelved, because we don't have time.  I will show you how powerful just ten minute time periods can be in transforming your life. You will learn that investing even small amounts of time can have a huge positive impact on your life.

You really do have time to achieve your dream.

When you finish this book and complete the exercises you will be able to:
• Stay focused and energized by your dream.
• Be more productive in every area of your life so you can have more time for you.
• Celebrate repetitively because of multiple projects you can complete in the months ahead.

So, don't miss out! Start discovering time you can use for you, today. Reach your dreams. Fulfill your goals. Buy Now and learn how.