Larceny For Beginners - an action comedy by Alexey Konnov

Larceny For Beginners - an action comedy by Alexey Konnov

Let me show you the action comedy screenplay... wait a second, don’t leave. I guess, now you’re thinking something like “Oh, it’s a screenplay, not a novel to read or a movie to watch”, but let’s not be hasty and let me answer some of the questions you might have.

Q: Why the book? Can it be as interesting as a movie?

A: Yes, because people invented reading long before they invented movies, and there are a lot of motion pictures based on books, watching which people say “The book is better”.

Q: So why the screenplay then? Why not a novel, poem or something like that?

A: The truth is I wanted to create a book, which feels like a movie. By reading a novel you imagine the pictures of described events happening, keeping these images in front of your eyes. The format of the screenplay is the perfect one to help you feel the action.

So, let’s begin the story about a meek chemistry professor, who goes on the run with his ex-girlfriend, a DEA agent, after a notorious mobster targets them for the theft of $10-million from a drug deal gone sour.

Roy Blabs, a young chemistry professor, is puzzling over a formula when a chain reaction accidentally starts. Racks of laboratory glassware fall into Roy’s lunch. When he tosses it into a trash bin, he makes a discovery: The noodles can be sculpted into any shape imaginable.

The same day Roy runs into his ex-girlfriend Jane Haggard, as she is fleeing from two hulking brutes. After a brief struggle, she manages to escape.

Jane reveals to Roy she’s a professional thief now. She stole $10-million from Lelio, a ruthless mobster, in a drug deal gone awry. Then the adventure really begins...

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