Gaia's Majesty - Mission Called: Women in Power - fiction by Roger B. Burt

Gaia's Majesty - Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

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Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power is the first book in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. It opens in the present day in a real world context. A fantasy element is revealed when we learn about a hidden population which has a mission of great importance for our future.

Wisely Gaia reserved a gifted population of women dedicated to safeguarding the future of humankind and Earth. The women called Progenitors lived in the sea and could transform to live on the land if they chose. Some of them came to land to form families and called themselves  Primals. Among them were a defense force of women called the Andromeda. Collectively these people were called Tethyans.

Gaia foresaw a definitive epoch which is now upon us. Our planet is enveloped in environmental and social crises. Unless humankind serves as stewards for Earth and ourselves we may live on a despoiled planet as people held in bondage by a wealthy class of plutocrats. The empowerment of women holds the key to our future.

Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy explores if Gaia’s preparations will succeed. Is this story a myth, or like so many myths, does it reside on the cusp of reality?

Gaia Speaks:

You used to adore me. You took my bounty gratefully and before my loving sight developed your skills as will a child in the sight of mother. You worshipped me and my fruitfulness. I tested you with adversity which made you strong. But in time you selfishly saw Earth’s bounty as your due. You now have a choice between stewardship or devastation.

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