Moonbound - poetry by J. P. Stephen

Moonbound - poetry by J. P. Stephen

"I was listening to Radio 4 (in England) the other day and they asked listeners to send in suggestions for their "Poetry Please" programme.

The first poet which came to mind was a relatively young, unknown poet J. P. Stephen whose work I found on Amazon the day before. I loved it! It hit every note for me. So I wrote in and told them.

Needless to say, I haven't heard back and I'm sure they won't use it but what a shame! There's so much good stuff out there but, as in music, people just go like sheep to the same old names because some or rather authority has said they're good. In J. P. Stephen's case he does have a few big names as "endorsements" to his collection (including the former Poet Laureate) but I couldn't find his work anywhere else so he must have been forced to "vanity publish". If anyone knows any more about him or his work, please send it my way!

Anyway, I'm going to be true to my feelings and I'm here looking for other lesser known great poets. Does anyone have any recommendations?"

I came across this hours ago on a poetry forum (can I say the name?) and it is nicest feedback I have ever received. It means even more than the feedback I shared on my Amazon page (I've copied below). It's taking me a while to be able to message back as (and if you're familiar with forums you'll know this) you have to comment and like and be checked up on my God knows who before you can even write a post, let alone message another member. If you're reading this, however, please feel free to get in contact via my Author Page on Amazon and I will gladly tell you more about myself and share more work with you.

Here is the brief synopsis I have on Amazon which enticed one kind reader. Here's hoping for a second:

This collection of poetry is "Moonbound": from a lonely beach, through difficult waters, towards a better place. While there are spiritual overtones, it is highly relatable and accessible. The collection seems to end in a better place but whether he has landed on the moon, or is still feeling its pull, is open for debate.

"With lines like: 'Pallets of sun-pressed air marbled into fog-lawn light, like a farmer shovelling frost upon honey-stemmed wheat-fields', one can tell [J. P. Stephen is] a real poet, with a real intensity of feeling. The poetic energy is bursting from [him]."
- Brian Patten

Further Endorsements:
Mervyn Linford (Littoral Press)
Jeremy Hooker
UK Poet Laureate Andrew Motion