A Flame in the Night (The Legends of Aewyr Book 1) by Holland C. Kirbo

A Flame in the Night (The Legends of Aewyr Book 1) by Holland C. Kirbo

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A young woman’s life is ravaged when half her family is slain before her eyes and she somehow destroys the supernatural being responsible, without knowing how she did it. In the aftermath, she finds herself pitted against the forces of a dark god in an epic conflict to save what’s left of her family . . . and her world.

Their existence is shrouded in secrecy, and they are heralded in myths of old and children’s tales, but in the land of Aewyr, the immortals stand as mankind's last hope against the dark god Maal and his monstrous army of zuhl and malum. Yet, even the legendary immortals have their limits. The Perravian Kingdom of Ceredwyn watches and waits, praying for a savior.

When eighteen-year-old Lakyn Trahearne annihilates a zuhl by immolating him, she's not the only one stunned. Such power has never been granted by the gods, even to immortals. Lakyn is young, and by all accounts, she's human, and her abilities are beyond comprehension. The blood in her veins hums with powers unimaginable. Something has awakened them, but what, why, and how are anyone’s guess. Regardless, Ceredwyn and the continent of Perravia just may have found their champion.

The immortal Reuel is assigned to train Lakyn. He both infuriates and strengthens her, while everything about Lakyn stokes Reuel’s buried pain and rage. Still, he can’t stay away. Together they are electric and explosive, a precarious combination given Lakyn's unstable powers.

When Maal deploys his forces against the most innocent of the Ceredwyn royal family, Lakyn and Reuel must set aside their friction to protect the ones they love. If Lakyn can control the untamed powers within her. If one young woman can stand against the darkness that threatens them all.