Healing Your Feelings - with the help of P.S.H. therapy - self help by Greg Brice

Healing Your Feelings - with the help of P.S.H. therapy - self help by Greg Brice
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Healing Your Feelings — Understanding the most modern approach to emotional healing and well-being - by Greg Brice

After reading Healing Your Feelings you will never look at the emotional problems humans suffer, in the same way again.  This book fills an important gap in understanding both the causes and permanent resolution of most emotional suffering.  It describes how we get ourselves into trouble with subconsciously-generated problems and what is needed to get ourselves out.

First published in 2004 as a paper book, it remains as contemporary as the day it was launched.  Written by a professional subconscious-mind therapist who has worked exclusively and continuously in the field since 1973, it brings a breath of fresh air to the subject of subconscious-mind therapy and healing.  Written in plain English with no technical jargon, you will find it easy to read and understand.

The author, Greg Brice is the sole remaining original developer of the therapy model known as Private Subconscious-mind Healing, or P.S.H. — the "missing link" as hundreds have described it for years.  His book centres on the philosophies and methods of this most up-to-date means of subconscious-mind therapy available today.  P.S.H. has been gradually developed in the clinical setting in Australia, since 1983.

The book sheds light on many myths and misunderstandings regarding the workings of our inner mind and gives simple, scientifically accepted alternatives to more than a few erroneous beliefs and ideas that have prevailed for at least a century.  A random sample of case studies from both the author's and other P.S.H. therapists' clients is included to illustrate the simple, gentle methods and permanent, positive results so common for clients of this modern therapy model.  You will find no gimmicks or unsubstantiated claims in this book — just down-to-earth, quality information coming straight from the clinical experience of someone whose passion is to make a true difference.  You will learn why therapy is so often a traumatic experience for the client, why it often goes on and on for years without producing any true results and how completely unnecessary this is.  True emotional healing comes from within.  It is a private, gentle, natural process and with the appropriate help, real change is initiated in almost always less than four clinical visits.

Healing Your Feelings is available from the publisher's website in both PDF E-book, and original hard copy formats.  The author is easy to contact and happily answers any and all questions.