Long Term Weightloss - Health, Fitness and Dieting mindset by Kimberlee Franklin

Long Term Weightloss - Health, Fitness and Dieting mindset book Kimberlee Franklin

Unfortunately, a huge percentage of our population are overweight and chronic yo-yo dieters. They make a fresh start on New Years day or their birthday or perhaps every Monday morning after a big weekend!

Sound familiar? You're not alone... even though it may feel that way sometimes. Your friends and family have seen you start and over and over again. Sometimes you blame other people, sometimes you just run out of excuses and blame yourself and consequently hate yourself. My book, Long Term Weightloss - It's A Head Job, show you how to identify common mind blocks, obstacles and excuses which keep you in a never ending battle with yourself and your scales.

It's short, to the point, informative and easy to read. It's the wake up call you've been needing. My favourite saying is ""if nothing changes, nothing changes"" So do you keep trying the same diets and exercise routines over and over again and somehow expect a different result? Or do you think it would be more beneficial to start with your mind and your thought process? Perhaps change the way you view your weight and health? Stop being your own worst enemy!

You can make the change starting here...