The True Tales Of The Road To Key West by Michael Reisig

The True Tales Of The Road To Key West by Michael Reisig

This book is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/13/2018 - 3/15/2018!

To all my readers:

This is not exactly a novel. It’s a madcap recollection of real experiences that took place in the Caribbean, throughout the early and middle years of my life (as a professional diver, pilot, treasure seeker, and taker of foolish chances). Ultimately, these “wild and crazy” events, along with a good deal of imagination, led to the writing of my best-selling series, The Road to Key West.

These tales will make you smile with wonder, remind you of the importance of loyalty and love in life, and make you laugh your ass off. In addition, I have taken my experiences, encounters, and adventures, and blended them into and around the highlights of my eight “Road To Key West” novels. Included in the package are a number of memory-jarring photos and terrific quotes, to create a humorous, insightful, walk down memory lane for new and seasoned readers.

If you haven’t read any of “The Road To Key West” novels, this is the perfect place to begin. If you’ve read them all, you’ll love these engaging, sometimes laugh-out-loud recollections.
From South Florida to South America, and across the Caribbean islands, this is the true story of a couple of wild and crazy guys. This is the real Road to Key West. (With great pictures…)

“One of the inescapable encumbrances of living an interesting life is that there have to be moments when you almost lose it…”
Jimmy Buffett

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