Wealth Made Simple (yes, really.) by David Ragland

Wealth Made Simple (yes, really.) by David Ragland

This book is free on Amazon 6/18/2018 - 6/22/2018!

Wealth building can be simple. In Wealth Made Simple (yes, really), author David Ragland shares proven wealth building strategies that will set you on the path to financial freedom. If you have more money going OUT than coming IN, you are in trouble. Our goal is to help you craft a plan that truly fits and works for you. In this 70-page book, you will learn how these four simple steps - reduce debt, spend less than you earn, have a cash safety net and plan for the unexpected - allow you to build wealth. It's that simple. The book includes questions and worksheets so you can: set specific goals, create a simple plan, and track your progress. These are the steps David, the President of IRC Wealth, has used successfully with his clients for decades. Before focusing on financial coaching, David was a CPA and a CFO. His experience and his approach combine to create a strategy that will help you take financial control of You, Inc. The first step is simply the decision to make the change. With this book, you will have the tools, the inspiration and the simple steps to make it happen.

The Sun God's Heir: Return (Book One) - action and adventure by Elliott Baker

The Sun God's Heir: Return (Book One) by Elliott Baker

The Count of Monte Cristo meets Horatio Hornblower and the Mummy in this swashbuckling epic.

For three thousand years a hatred burns. In seventeenth century France two souls incarnate, one born the child of a prosperous merchant, the other, forces his way into incarnation, determined to continue a reign of terror begun long ago.

One remembers, one does not.

The year is 1671. René Gilbert’s destiny glints from the blade of a slashing rapier. The only way he can protect those he loves is to regain the power and knowledge of an ancient lifetime. From Bordeaux to Spain to Morocco, René is tested and with each turn of fate he gathers enemies and allies, slowly reclaiming the knowledge and power earned centuries ago. For three thousand years a secret sect has waited in Morocco. 

After ages in darkness, Horemheb screams, “I am.” Using every dark art, he manages to maintain the life of the body he has bartered for. Only one life force in the world is powerful enough to allow him to remain within embodiment, perhaps forever. Determined to continue a reign of terror that once made the Nile run red, he grows stronger with each life taken.

Love Undercover - A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance by Amy Brent

Love Undercover - A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance by Amy Brent

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/15/2018 - 6/19/2018!

They call him a shark.
Ruthless. Fierce. Controlling.
Falling in love was never a part of the plan.
Neither was carrying his baby.


I always loved curvy girls.
And Kathryn was no exception.
My obedient mistress - that's what she was supposed to be.
But one night with her and I was ruined.
Those luscious lips begged to be kissed, and the curves...oh my...and those legs...those legs could go on forever.
I had to take her, claim her, mark her as mine.
But there's something she's hiding from me...
Something that tells me falling in love is a risky proposition.

Kathryn baby, you were sent to catch me, weren't you?
But now, I'm never letting you go.  
It's time to show who's in charge here.

Escape to Osprey Cove by Luisa Marietta Gold

Escape to Osprey Cove - cozy mystery by Luisa Marietta Gold

This book is free on Amazon on 6/17/2018!

The mystery begins with an unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug's new Corvette.  It will change his and Catherine's life forever, forcing her to find escape at The Osprey Cove Lodge.

Believe Me: The Story of a Narcissist - an intriguing fiction tale by Tracilyn George

Believe Me: The Story of a Narcissist - an intriguing fiction tale by Tracilyn George

When Kennedy Karl Kilpatrick decided to run for the presidency of the United States, his family were against the idea.  They feared what would happen when he showed his true colors.  His children preferred their privacy while Ken basked in the limelight.

The family found themselves appalled at Ken's antics and the words of hate spewing from his lips.  They heard his hate speech behind closed doors and never believed he would say it in public.

When Ken won the general election, his family was in shock.  They had convinced themselves he was going to lose.  Because of his win, they were thrust into the public eye. 

Tensions came to a head when hate crimes were perpetrated against Ken's only son, KJ.  The crimes divided the family even further until one decides they couldn't take it any longer.

Children of The Gods - a modern mythic romance by Angela Moore

Children of The Gods - a modern mythic romance by Angela Moore

Children of the Gods is an unusual romance, based on the myth of the Minotaur and set in the present day. This complex story enchants the reader as it travels from the shores of Sydney Harbour to the ancient ruins of Crete, to an ending which is both unexpected and transgressive.

Revolution: Chronicles of Mharc by T.L. McDonald

Revolution: Chronicles of Mharc by T.L. McDonald

The life of a Nihili Gamer is one of slavery and death. The Empire, controlled by the hated First Citizens, keeps an iron foot on the neck of all it's inhabitants and uses the gladiatorial-like Games as a opiate to keep the population under control.

Tsaurine, the greatest Gamer in history, raises his daughter, Mharc to help lead the coming revolution. Together with other Gamers, the incredible trainer Macelt, and sympathetic First Citizens, Mharc eventually leads the revolt to take back the stars and freedom for all. The first in a series!

Courage in a White Coat by Mary Schwaner

Courage in a White Coat by Mary Schwaner

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $5.49) 6/16/2018 - 6/24/2018!

Let yourself to be drawn into this book and discover a woman who will move you in ways you never expected, teach you things you never knew you wanted to learn, and encourage you to earn your salt every day. Dorothy will make you laugh, weep, fear for her survival. And be grateful to know her.

Winter City Wolf Moon - fear on the last frontier by Elvis English

Winter City Wolf Moon - fear on the last frontier by Elvis English

This is a historical tale about a burned-out private investigator cracking the case of multiple murders of Alaskan Native women in Anchorage, Alaska in the late 1990's. While fiction, it borrows from the truth of the times and the true wonders of the people who overcome an evil man and the underlying forces of racism. Winter City Wolf Moon comes from an insiders view of life in Alaska, fictionalizing the roller coaster ride with crackling dialogue and descriptions born in the streets and lives of the inhabitants of downtown Anchorage. The villain is frighteningly vicious and proves it with each passing chapter of the book. If you like engaging, fast-paced, and remarkably well-written thrillers, catch this taut, tense, Alaskan avalanche of suspense.

Capture Me: The Complete Trilogy - a romantic thriller by Anna Zaires

Capture Me: The Complete Trilogy - a romantic thriller by Anna Zaires

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 6/15/2018 - 6/19/2018!

Forced to join a secret intelligence agency at a young age, Russian interpreter/spy Yulia Tzakova is no stranger to dangerous men. But she’s never known one as ruthless and compelling as Lucas Kent. The hard-edged mercenary frightens her, yet she’s drawn to him—to a man she has no choice but to betray.

Second-in-command to a powerful arms dealer, Lucas Kent has never met a woman he’s wanted as much as Yulia. Obsessed with the beautiful blonde, he’ll stop at nothing to capture her and make her pay for her betrayal.

From the icy streets of Moscow to the steamy jungles of Colombia, their dark, all-consuming passion will either crush them or set them free.

Hill of Secrets: An Israeli Jewish mystery novel by Michal Hartstein

Hill of Secrets: An Israeli Jewish mystery novel by Michal Hartstein

This book is free on Amazon on 6/15/2018!

On a blooming May morning, the five bodies of a religious family are found in their apartment in the quiet suburb of Samuel's Hill (Giv'at Shmuel).

Detective Hadas Levinger, the renegade atheist daughter of a religious family, is put in charge of the police investigation. Slowly and skillfullym she peels away the shell protecting this unique community, and reveals hard and painful secrets.

Can she survive them?

A Whole Half by Shan Fazelbhoy

A Whole Half by Shan Fazelbhoy

A Whole Half offers an insight into one woman’s journey dealing with mental health disorders the seeds of which were sown in childhood. As the writer moved into her teenage years and then adulthood she constantly struggled to find a space for herself finding it difficult to fit in anywhere including her own life. This has taken a toll over the years but cultivating a deep awareness and finding balance has helped her survive. A Whole Half is an amalgamation of different writings at different times; the circumstances outside her control and the feelings running through the book are what have often made her consider herself half the person she could have been. She hopes to reach out to those who struggle with life and bring them some small comfort in knowing they are not alone. Inspired by the pain of events not always understood, it is a deep and often disturbing account of her struggle with Bipolar, Depression and PTSD. Interspersed with thoughtful, motivational quotes, this book is a must-read for anyone struggling with life and mental health issues. “We all have our own path but we often journey with others known and unknown.”

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

When Carter and Seacrest trade the Boston PD for NYC's FBI, they face their toughest case with a series of thrill killings. But are the murders merely violence-fueled as the director suggests?
As Carter digs deeper, he uncovers a conspiracy in play that will change him and Seacrest forever and introduce him to his 'Moriarty'.

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

Nightmares aren’t supposed to walk among the living.  But they do. Deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, hidden among the tall pines, creatures who’ve paralleled man since the dawn of time, live, hunt, breed.  Under the disguise of a religious order they have built an underground sanctuary, a safe haven where they are planning to rise to the place in this world they once held.

Their leader, Arcturus, and his lieutenant, Malik, look to once again feed freely on human kind.

Nick Barnett, a former Special Forces soldier, has lost everything, his wife, his daughter, and most of himself.  One rainy night he collides with another vehicle and with his destiny.  As he struggles to overcome his addiction to alcohol he will have to face a world unlike anything he could have imagined.

Suzanne Reynolds searches for her missing daughter.  The police have given up; she’s just another runaway they say.  But a mother’s love never dies.  Suzanne’s search leads her to the tiny town of Spirit River Falls where after and accident she meets Bill Collins, a retired detective and his friend, a local bar owner and Vietnam Veteran, Ernie Montgomery.  Together they will search for Suzanne’s thirteen year old daughter, Heather.

Kelly Kryshack is just a young woman in her twenties, looking for love, looking for acceptance. Abducted by creatures she cannot imagine she finds herself part of a group of people who are being hunted for sport.  But Kelly will do the unimaginable, she will become the first to ever escape.  Her flight will take her to a chance encounter with a recuperating soldier and soon enough a five person alliance will form.  Together they must face an enemy as old as time.  At stake are the lives of two young girls and maybe even the fate of humankind.  Can they defeat The Pride?

Existential: A SciFi Horror Thriller by Ryan W. Aslesen

Existential A SciFi Horror Thriller by Ryan W. Aslesen

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 6/14/2018 - 6/16/2018!

Former Marine Captain, Max Ahlgren, is the leader of an elite private military unit tasked to rescue a team of scientists and engineers working on a secretive project deep in the rugged Alaskan wilderness. Once on the ground, Max and his team discover something truly horrifying has happened and that this is no ordinary mission. As they search for answers, the team of commandos find themselves confronted by an unearthly enemy that has evolved for one purpose - to survive. What was supposed to be an easy payday becomes a fight for humanity’s survival, as the world’s greatest soldiers encounter the universe’s ultimate terror.

Existential is a chilling novel in every sense of the word, with plenty of terrifying, adrenaline-pumping moments that build to a powerful and shocking conclusion. Not for the feint of heart, Existential is harsh and uncompromising book that will leave readers sleeping with the lights on.

The Perfect Teresa - a time travel comedy by Ulises Silva

The Perfect Teresa - a time travel comedy by Ulises Silva

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/11/2018 - 6/30/2018!

An unemployed Aztec god offers to send 43-year-old Teresa back to 1988 to re-do a high school talent show gone wrong. She figures, how hard can it be? Besides, a talking coyote can be trusted, right?

But changing the past won’t be easy as she thinks, especially without Wikipedia, Google, or ATM machines. And she soon finds that, in trying to fix her future, she may end up making things much worse. A time-travel comedy full of 80s pop culture references, heavy metal, and a healthy dose of satire and guacamole.

What Margaret Knows - regency romance by Mirella Tinley

What Margaret Knows - regency romance by Mirella Tinley

The inquisitive and witty Lady Margaret Waverley is a friendly face at Bath’s constabulary. When the heir to the Earl of Doxford, Edmund Faversham, seeks her out, she quickly realizes he is no stranger to the dark, as she discovers a shocking secret that threatens to expose a dangerous truth... surrounding Margaret's and Edmund's family. How will Margaret and Edmund rise above the darkness to reach their love?

Of Virtue and Damnation - Gothic Fiction by Mandi Martin

Of Virtue and Damnation - Gothic Fiction by Mandi Martin

The living mind is vast and unexplored, like the depths of the deepest forest it harbours the strange and unusual.
Some are beautiful like the first flowers to emerge after the harsh winters but others are cruel and unforgiving, the serpent of Eden, and lurks within cracks and crevices waiting to reveal itself.
We build the cages to contain them but the lock is easily rusted away until the beast within is unleashed to wreak havoc upon our souls.
Thus we will weep upon our tarnished hearts and watch as what we once cherished sinks with the sun unto the waveless lake.
Spurned and without aid or a kind hand to guide we fall from virtue into damnation...

The journey into a breaking mind. ‘Of Virtue and Damnation’ takes readers inside the life of a young priest tasked with looking after a dying Marchioness, while dealing with her husband, his difficult ways and fierce grudge against the clergy. A stark discovery is made, as readers are forced to confront the pits of adversity.

The Gallus Utimatum - a fast-paced fantasy novel by Brian A. Hawkins

The Gallus Utimatum - a fast-paced fantasy novel by Brian A. Hawkins

On an outing to an amusement island, lawyer Ted Marshall comes across a children’s play farm. In one of the farm’s barns he is accosted by a large chicken whose strident cackling drums words and sentences into his mind. It is a pounding headache of angry, scathing arguments that scares and spooks him, but he puts down to work stress. Later, on a trip to the city’s multicultural market with his girlfriend, he again encounters a chicken whose cackling forms whole statements in his head. Frightened and befuddled, he purchases the hen, only to be told by the bird that he has been chosen to act as an interpreter of its threatening clucking for an ultimatum that the chicken must deliver to the UN.

A White House meeting with the new president, followed by a surreal televised address to the nation, causes domestic fear and puts the United Nations on edge. Ted and his girl become entangled with pompous diplomats, bumbling secret agents and nattering cable TV personalities.Throughout the world, billions of chickens are refusing to breed, eat or lay eggs, spreading international panic among food processors, the stock market and governments. In China, it had been determined that chicken would be the country’s prime source of protein and modern factory farms are being constructed across the land. Suspecting that this world poultry crisis is an Western plot designed to thwart this food policy, and believing that Trent Marshall knows the truth, Chinese agents attempt to kidnap him, triggering unintended consequences with the Russians: consequences that the Russians will blame on America.

The Gallus Ultimatum is a fast-paced, funny and terrifying fantasy novel about the world of factory farming and its impact on international politics and global food security. As the poultry crisis spreads and worsens, unexpected events will keep you wondering to the very end. And you will be very glad that your not a chicken.

House of Guardians: Paranormal Romance - Sons of the Olympian Gods (The Ambrosia Trilogy Book 1) by Beatrice Sand

House of Guardians: Paranormal Romance - Sons of the Olympian Gods (The Ambrosia Trilogy Book 1) by Beatrice Sand

This book is free on Amazon!

The first instalment in a dark, gripping paranormal romance trilogy steeped in Greek mythology: When Laurel moves to Vancouver Island, the last thing she expects is to meet a demigod... A compelling storyline, a trilogy, demigods, mystery, naked wrestling, a handsome hero and gorgeous heroine, romance, and suspense. All a girl needs!

Protogenesis - creativity, fantasy, and strong women by Alysia Helming

Protogenesis - creativity, fantasy, and strong women by Alysia Helming

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $6.99) 6/6/2018 - 6/7/2018!

With her unusual violet hazel eyes hidden behind heavy glasses, American teenager Helene Crawford is the kind of student that always has an answer; yet, she doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. One fateful day, life as she knows it comes to a grinding halt. There was a fire. Her mother is gone. But something is not right...

SCHOOLED! - a social issues novel by Matthew Rockwood

SCHOOLED! - a social issues novel by Matthew Rockwood

SCHOOLED! is a fast-paced, fictionalized version of a three-year teaching odyssey that shines a light on the often hidden underbelly of a divided New York City public school system. The novel is, in part, based on author Matthew Rockwood's real-life experiences.

I wrote SCHOOLED! to offer readers a look into the realities faced by public school teachers working on the front lines day in and day out.  Until we can see what the problems are, we won’t be in a position to fix them.  Public education is the backbone of democracy.  Right now the public system is failing a huge number of children who could potentially contribute to society.

Matthew Rockwood is an attorney who left the law to become a teacher.  He taught for three years in the New York City public school system as part of the New York City Teaching Fellow Program and continues to teach at the community college level.  He is a graduate of the Writing Seminars program at Johns Hopkins University and holds a JD from Boston University School of Law. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children, both of whom attended public schools.

Step off the porch and start your own business - a book by Brian Collins

Step off the porch and start your own business - a book by Brian Collins

You can use my book to cover off 99% of the necessary steps for  starting your own business, or you can just read about one guy who started 4 successful businesses for under $10.00 each, all in very different areas of the economy, coined 6 rules for success in his book, as well as covered 10 business topics all with real life action and drama.This is 4 real life  case studies of how to begin a business from small private to large public companies, their funding, sales, domicile, and even law suits,and in several the unexpected occurs which  in business you can not plan for . This book could be a grad case study for commerce students or a first year course on  how to be an entrepreneur course based on real business companies. At the end you can contact me via book email if you need my point of view on your new venture.

Newearth: Justine Awakens, a humorous science fiction adventure by A. K. Frailey

Newearth: Justine Awakens, a humorous science fiction adventure by A. K. Frailey

Justine, an android with an enhanced human brain, awakens on Newearth after being shut down, only to discover she's once again assigned the role of hired killer. When she meets Cerulean, a Luxonian guardian, and Derik, her intended victim, she discovers her humanity and the true meaning of life.

Maga High - a sunny, funny chick lit by Lindzi Mayann

Maga High - a sunny, funny chick lit by Lindzi Mayann

This is the tale of Jodie discovering party destination Magaluf as a tourist- then deciding, frankly, she doesn't want to go home, yet! She's already gotten more than she bargained for on a rowdy booze cruise and found out why her holiday buddy is so against sleeping with PR's. She's been forced to do some soul searching and fresh from a rotten relationship she decides she wants to stay!

But that means working on the strip... What job could she do... a shot girl, a PR, a pole dancer! The workers are crazy, confident and sexy, could she really be like them?

The temptation to stay, party and meet more new people is overwhelming. She's getting a taste for this lifestyle. But with highs, come lows. It's not all plain sailing but it's hilarious and wild along the way...

Get set to uncover a new side to your holiday. Written by somebody with experience in this setting and with a passion for good, fun stories.

Contains adult themes and language to suit.

Mind Files: Perception, Perspective & Problems - a Spiritually themed self-help book by Penny Hodgson

Mind Files: Perception, Perspective & Problems - a Spiritually themed self-help book by Penny Hodgson

You can't change something about yourself unless you know what it is that needs to change.

Everyone has baggage.  Knowing how to let it go is the difference between living free and feeling powerless.

Mind Files explains the mind's process of collecting, assessing, categorizing, storing and referencing information through each and every experience.  Our perceptions become our perspectives, and our perspectives can go on to create problems in our life unless we reassess them at our current level of understanding.

Find out, step by step, how to review, reassess and remove or rewrite the conclusions stored in the files in the filing cabinets of your mind.

Secret Adventures of Foxfire: Fixing Walls by John Hope

Secret Adventures of Foxfire: Fixing Walls by John Hope

Deep within Sebastian’s vivid imagination, international spy Foxfire is tasked with her most difficult mission yet: to find and capture the Devil himself. Outside Sebastian’s solitary comic book–drawing bouts, the mystery-loving twelve-year-old helps his friends construct a secret tree fort using building supplies from an abandoned neighborhood shed, while at home he struggles to find common ground with his stepdad after his mom has left them following a car accident.

Distant as Sebastian’s reality is from his creative musings, Foxfire’s secret adventures eventually converge with Sebastian’s personal struggles.

The Miss Fortune Series: Christmas in the Bayou (Kindle Worlds Novella) a cozy mystery by Riley Blake

The Miss Fortune Series: Christmas in the Bayou (Kindle Worlds Novella) a cozy mystery by Riley Blake

It's Christmastime in the Louisiana Bayou!

Mayor Celia Arceneaux orchestrates a special holiday surprise. She wants to celebrate Christmas by giving back to Sinful’s most unappreciated citizens—the town’s elementary school teachers.

Handing down an AOO, also known as the Arceneaux Official Order, Celia calls upon friends and foes to carry out her plans. Gertie and Ida Belle are willing to help, but Fortune doesn’t share their enthusiasm. Taking a temporary post at the school library, the former CIA assassin braces for Christmas and everything the season holds.

From trimming trees to snow on the ground, Sinful residents will celebrate a Christmas to remember. That is, until small town Louisiana makes national headlines thanks to a school shooting that isn’t what it seems.

Christmas Treasures - A Fun Cozy Satire with Southern Christmas Recipes by Riley Blake

Christmas Treasures - A Fun Cozy Satire with Southern Christmas Recipes by Riley Blake

Includes Heavenly Southern Christmas Day Recipes!

Mary Louise, Pearl, and Opal host a Christmas Open House. No one anticipates a problem until someone mentions hostess gifts and the holiday spirit diminishes. Hours later, a new resident is dead and most tenants are suspects. As a heavy snowstorm bears down on East Tennessee, the community’s retirees brace for a long and fearsome winter’s night.

Series Reading Order:

Vintage Whispers (2016)

Bygone Days (2017)

Christmas Treasures (2017)

Peek Inside the Series (Clip from Bygone Days):

All of My Heart - Contemporary Romance by Sophie Jacobs

All of My Heart - Contemporary Romance free book by Sophie Jacobs

This book is free on Amazon!

When Suzie Hart inherited the lakeside Victorian cottage that would soon become Sweet Hart Inn, she had her life all planned out ahead of her. She'd run the inn, write her cookbooks, and pick up an occasional catering job with her cousin Sydney. Life was good.

What she didn't plan on was Brad Matthews riding back into her life on a bad-ass Harley and tossing her perfect world into some kind of big bad tumble. And worse, Brad came with a plan of his own.

The permanently FREE series starter - Harbor Falls Romance, Sweet Hart Inn Book 1.

Organizing Your Home with SORT and SUCCEED - a book by Darla DeMorrow

Organizing Your Home with SORT and SUCCEED - a book by Darla DeMorrow

Overwhelmed. Ashamed. Frustrated. All of that stops today. Getting organized in 5 simple steps can happen for you, even if you’ve failed at getting organized before.

Author Darla DeMorrow is a Certified Professional Organizer who helps people worth through these simple steps every day to have more organized homes and more peaceful lives.

This little book is easy to read in about an hour. That’s right, just an hour. You’ve probably spent longer than that just complaining about your clutter over the last week.

Well, that ends today. You can be organized, too.
Read this book and be encouraged by gems like, “I can do anything for fifteen minutes,” and “Keeping clutter longer doesn’t make it cheaper.”

You also get access to free downloads and a free clutter-free support group, where you can find ongoing support from people just like you, around the globe.

Reviewers state that they read this book and were able to immediately organize their space. They were looking forward to organizing even more the next day. They claim this is the book that finally seemed do-able for them. They even claim to want to read this book again and again.

No one wants you to succeed more than this author. Start here and celebrate your success. Come back for additional titles in this series, including Organizing Your Finances with SORT and SUCCEED, due out in 2018.

DeMorrow is a 13 year professional organizing veteran, member of the National Association for Productivity and Organizing Professionals, a designer, and a Certified Photo Organizer. She’s been quoted in Money Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Realtor.com, The Kitchn, US News and World Report, Forbes Online, and many more.

With this little book, you’ll find specific steps for your situation. Start your organizing success here and now.

Client Machine: The B2B System for Generating Clients by George Athan

Client Machine: The B2B System for Generating Clients by George Athan

This book is free on Amazon 6/4/2018 - 6/8/2018!

Consistently generate new clients without having to cold call, tediously create content, or spend a dollar on advertising.

Having the ability to systematically acquire clients is the prerequisite for business growth. Without having a sales ‘system’ in place, many companies struggle to grow, relying on word of mouth or referrals to get new clients. Salespeople, and organizations in this position, are settling for scraps while they can be flooded with business by systematically targeting and closing high value prospects.

Client Machine delivers a step-by-step blueprint for creating the machine that will produce new B2B clients on demand, allowing you to generate new clients (customers / accounts) as often as you like, simply by following the process again and again.

Business Growth Expert and Author, George Athan, has written Client Machine in three sections:

• Section One: The Foundation – Planning your campaigns and positioning your business to achieve rapid growth. This section properly lays the foundation to create a system that is scalable so that when the rocket fuel is added in sections two and three, you can continue to accelerate.

• Section Two: Lead Generation Machine – Without booking meetings, there are no sales. Lead Generation Machine is exactly what it sounds like. This section shows you how to build your outbound system to target your ideal decision-makers and consistently fill your calendar with sales appointments.

• Section Three: Sales Machine – The final section shows you how to take these leads and convert them with a sales process that is so potent, it has changed the game for many. With the introduction of the Speed Path, you will design a sales process that lines up perfectly with your prospect’s buying process to deliver exactly what they need at exactly the right time. This powerful section will show you how to close more deals, while shortening your sales cycle.

Client Machine is the end-to-end client acquisition system that streamlines sales and marketing to rapidly grow your customer base. Whether you are a salesperson, executive, or a business owner- this book has plenty for you.

Nanny with Benefits: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance by Amy Brent

Nanny with Benefits: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance by Amy Brent

He's the man I should stay away from,
My boss and the most enigmatic single dad on the planet.
He's gorgeous and will do anything to protect his little girl.
When he wraps his chiseled arms around my curvy body,
The wrong feels so right.

'Mr. Big CEO sleeping with his nanny.'

What if the press finds out?
And what if they find out a bigger secret -
He's the one who took my innocence and got me pregnant.
Sh*t...this shouldn't have happened.
The press is going to have a field day,
And I could lose everything - including Damon Jacobs and his baby girl, Alexis.

Part-Time Lover - a romantic comedy by Lauren Blakely

Part-Time Lover - a romantic comedy by Lauren Blakely

PART-TIME LOVER promises full-time satisfaction…

What do you get when you mix a charming British hero, a temporary marriage of convenience, and a smart & sassy heroine? PART-TIME LOVER, the brand new, standalone rom-com from #1 New York Times bestseller Lauren Blakely! Get your copy of PART-TIME LOVER now!

The Counterfeit Smile – an art crime scam by Brian A. Hawkins

The Counterfeit Smile – an art crime scam by Brian A. Hawkins

In Pittsburgh, the Simard family basked in their French heritage that had its roots going back to 1758 when today's Pittsburg was a French frontier fort called Fort Duquesne. Generation after generation, the Simards were the crème de la crème pf Pittsburg society. It was all very wonderful, except that their French roots were all a big  lie.

In reality, their wealth and status sprang from the antics of Shawn Callahan, a young bank teller from Maine who, in 1910, dipped his sticky fingers into the vault and skipped off to Paris. On the ship over, he meets Reggie, a titled English rascal in need of money. They team up, and from a suite in the Ritz Hotel embark on a series of scams aimed at the guillable rich Americans now flooding into Paris.

Selling "national" treasures "stolen" from the Louvre keeps them in cash to indulge in the food and flesh that the city offers. In the 1900 hundreds, Paris was the center of the world in the arts and the story takes you on an amazing romp with wonderful characters of the period who keep you hooked to the very end.

When the Mona Lisa is actually stolen from the Louvre, it inspires the boys to pull off their greatest scam ever, taking them into the bohemian world of Left Bank artists. At la Dome Café they seek out Little Leonardo. who paints nothing but Mona Lisa copies over and over again. They con Little Leonardo into painting copies. Claiming that they were the thieves of the Mona Lisa to two rich Americans, they sell Little Leonardo's copies to them.

Just before they board a ship to deliver the Mona Lisas in America, Reggies father dies and he must return to England for the funeral. Shawn sails alone to deliver the paintings.

A twist in the story makes it impossible for Shawn to return to Paris with the money and he assumes a new identity as  Alain Simard. settling in Pittsburg to begin a new life with a new name. Fate takes a nasty turn when the real Mona Lisa turns up in Italy.

The Counterfeit Smile is an extraordinary story that seamlessly blends real history with fictional characters in a journey through Paris that is wild, witty and wicked, charged with characters like King Edward, artists who would become famous, bistros, brothels and easy women.

The Stamp - philatelic mystery by Brian A. Hawkins

The Stamp - philatelic mystery by Brian A. Hawkins

Sometimes, something so small and insignificant from the past can turn up frightening the hell out of you. A single Nazi postage stamp – hidden for decades – surfaces in Paris, threatening to expose a shameful secret of World War Two that could change the history books.

On a holiday in Europe, New York ad man Ted Oakley and his partner Jennifer Swanner become innocently entangled in a web of international intrigue when they unknowingly buy a vintage object concealing the stamp.

Their lives change when Ted, curious in what he has found, and not knowing anything about stamp collecting, takes the stamp to a philatelic dealer in Zurich, who at first dismisses it, not realizing his mistake until Ted had left his shop. In an attempt to find Ted, the dealer foolishly tells others of his discovery.

The work of a Czechoslovakian master engraver in 1940, this solitary stamp suddenly becomes sought after by the unscrupulous Zurich stamp dealer, a Japanese millionaire collector, the Queen’s Deputy Private Secretary, and MI5. Each have their own veiled reasons to obtain it from the unsuspecting couple. In Paris, Zurich, London and Tokyo, their frantic search for the stamp will result in three people being murdered, causing the destiny of this tiny paper rectangle to take a sudden unexpected turn.

The Stamp seamlessly intertwines fascinating philatelic facts throughout the story, uncovering little-known Second World War historical events, wartime forgeries and key Nazi characters that makes the creation of this potentially explosive philatelic time bomb convincingly plausible.

It ventures into the rarified world of rare and high-value stamp collecting, the Royal Philatelic Collection, London’s Gentlemen’s Clubs, Postmaster Benjamin Franklin, a strange Swiss sapphic nightclub and Germany’s surreal Karl May Society. The Stamp is a swift-moving story that keeps you in suspense until the very last page.

Silencing Sharks - a Children's book by John Hope

Silencing Sharks - a Children's book by John Hope

Peter lives in a silent world. Thirteen, deaf, and tormented by neighborhood bullies, Peter seeks solace in summertime snorkeling outings with his eccentric Viking-horn-helmeted Uncle Sverrir. But after a dangerous encounter with a giant hammerhead predator, Peter discovers he has a unique gift: He can talk to sharks.

Peter quickly learns that the sharks near his Florida home are being mysteriously killed off. They need his help. Thrust into a scary but exciting adventure, both above- and below-water, Peter is distressed to learn that his dad, a chef, is connected to the crime—being blackmailed by his boss to cook up illegal shark-fin soup. Peter sets himself to the daunting task of saving both the sharks and his father, but to do so, he must rely on the very bullies who have tormented him.

The Apple of My Eye by Mary Ellen Bramwell

The Apple of My Eye - a book by Mary Ellen Bramwell

This book is free on Amazon on 6/1/2018!

When Brea Cass, a young mother, is awakened in the night by the news that her loving husband, Paul, has been shot during a robbery, she is stunned. When she finally emerges from the fog of her life, it dawns on her that something is amiss in the way her husband died.

Weeds Grow Near Roads - a dark and adult fantasy book by Ben Brilliant

Weeds Grow Near Roads - a dark and adult fantasy book by Ben Brilliant

The adolescent Puck lives on his dilapidated farm with his family, and despite the land being actually owned by the nobility, Puck and his family are free to do as they will. This changes, however, when the family's patch of rare, naturally growing flora fails to sprout.

When agents of the royal family come to collect the bounty that does not exist, Puck makes a move that will change his young life forever. Fleeing from the mess he has made, the adolescent runs from home, moves to the closest town and makes some new friends. His troubles continue, however, and soon Puck and his friends set off on a journey where further trouble arises, terrible beasts and people threaten the young party, and the homeless Puck is faced to make terrible decisions that someone of his age should never have to make.

What's more, a war beckons in the capital, and Puck risks being drawn into a conflict that may very well claim his life.

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