Cowgirl - a heart-warming memoir by Tanya Vanderham

Cowgirl - a heart-warming memoir discount book promotion Tanya Vanderham

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If you are a lover of all animals, especially cows, you will be delighted by Tanya Vanderham’s heart-warming, informative and sometimes humorous account of life growing up on, and owning, her own dairy farm.

Imagine a dairy farm with 500 black and white Holstein milking cows, a pig barn with a roof top that overlooks wide open fields, a big pond that always fills up after heavy rains and dad’s 1948 Studebaker pick-up truck.  This is the backdrop for Tanya Vanderham’s childhood adventures that would inspire a lifelong devotion to her work in the dairy farm industry. One might say that Tanya was a born natural. Her father was a dairy operator whom she loved and respected. He was her mentor.

Cowgirl is as educational as it is entertaining, describing the many intriguing aspects involved in the dairy farming industry. Cows are actually very extraordinary, intellectual and emotional. For example, did you know that cows can recognize their families after being separated for years?  Aside from the fascinating behavior of cows, other interesting topics include cow maternity, birthing, artificial insemination, pregnancy examination, cow purchasing, and the production of Kosher milk!

You will truly begin to believe that Tanya has been granted nine lives as she describes her numerous brave encounters with these sometimes temperamental animals. Yet, you will see the tremendous respect, care and devotion she has for the cows she has worked with over the years.

With a sense of adventure Tanya writes her memoir from the heart. Beginning with memories of life on the dairy farm with her family as early as the age of one, and spanning her 44 year career as a cattle genetic engineer and dairy farm owner. Also, take pleasure in being introduced to an amazing host of characters. Meet Chief the miracle Greyhound, Charlie the family owl, Bud the giant yet gentle Clydesdale horse and many more.  The inspirational accounts of triumph, tragedy and endearment will have you engaged from start to finish!

Cowgirl is lovingly dedicated to Tanya’s husband John with whom she ran their dairy farm for many years. To her he is the “other half of one remarkable team”.

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