Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner's Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing by Benjamin Kahriman

Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner's Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing free book promotion Benjamin Kahriman

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In Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! Kahriman outlines and shares his powerful trading and investing formula forged from years of research and trading experience. He explains how you too can realize your dreams and reap the bountiful financial opportunities present in the stock market. Best of all, Kahriman demystifies the technical, hard to understand, and complicated aspects of trading and investing. Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! is concise, practical, and written for everyone, in effect, a true and complete beginner’s guide to not only trading, but a better life.

No prior experience or knowledge about the stock market, investing, or trading is needed. Kahriman guides you through the trading process, step-by-step, in simple, understandable language. Years of research, data analysis, and trading experience are distilled to an easy-to-follow trading method that dramatically increases profits and minimizes risk. Kahriman teaches the fundamentals of Japanese candlesticks, technical analysis, momentum swing trading and investing.

Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! will:

Teach You to Make Money Trading and Investing in Stocks for Maximum Profit and With Minimum Risk
• Use a Free Stock Scanner to Find Stocks Positioned to Soar
• Use Kahriman’s step-by-step checklist to find and evaluate stocks
• Use candlesticks, technical analysis, and complementary tools to plan your trades
• Use charts and visuals listed in the book to replicate successful trades and avoid pitfalls

Teach You the Building Blocks to a Proven Trading System in Simple Language
• Combine a variety of powerful factors to generate a single data point that will help you rank stocks and guide you to profitable trades
• Read, analyze, and utilize performance data and factors that significantly increase your odds of outperforming the stock market
• Case-studies and performance data for powerful candlestick trading patterns

Teach You to Trade Cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin) and Stocks Affiliated with Bitcoin
• Apply Kahriman’s momentum trading method to profit off cryptocurrency

Custom Tailor the Trading System to Your Financial Needs and Goals

• If you need quick cash or wish to grow your net worth gradually, you will be able to identify and execute trades designed to fulfill your financial goals

After years of research, mentorship, data collection, analysis, and countless hours practicing trading and investing with stock market simulators, Kahriman created a trading system designed to minimize risk and maximize profit. Kahriman opened his first brokerage account with just $500. After one quarter, that account grew well over 1,500%. With the goal of helping us all realize our own “American Dream,” Kahriman embarked upon telling his story and teaching others to invest and trade in the stock market.

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