Magic Show - A Psychological Thriller by Lawrence Michaelis

Magic Show - A Psychological Thriller book sale promotion Lawrence Michaelis

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Gilbert Gilbertson is not known for his skills as a magician. Although magic is his passion, his performance and ability has limited him to children's birthday parties. Until now.

Suddenly, Gil's a master in some of the most complex tricks, stage illusions, and sleight-of-hand. But, it doesn't stop there. His winning streak in Vegas has the casinos worried. His choice to donate the money to charities makes him some enemies.

Jack Madison, a skeptic surgeon and best-selling author, is asked to investigate the matter of Gilbert the Magic Clown. In pursuing the mystery, Jack becomes the unlikely partner of Joan Firestone, a beautiful Las Vegas detective and expert in casino fraud.

The investigation uncovers a dangerous religious fringe group. Are Jack and Joan in too deep? Uncovering a conspiracy has some members of the church wanting to silence them.

Things culminate in the closing act of a Las Vegas magician’s convention, when Gilbert performs what all agree is the greatest magic act of all time—a magic act that has unexpected and dire repercussions.