War of Nytefall: Lost - a wild vampire action adventure by Charles E. Yallowitz

War of Nytefall: Lost - a wild vampire action adventure book promotion by Charles E. Yallowitz

As the Vampire Civil War reaches its seventeenth year, a mysterious girl and her pet bunny appear to throw both sides into chaos.

Clyde continues to struggle against his destructive urges as he rules Nytefall and makes sure the Dawn Fangs remain in the shadows.  Unable to get through the wards to face his true enemies, he has kept his men focused on developing his new kingdom and raiding whenever they find a new target.  When news of old-world vampires disappearing and mortals being attacked reach Nytefall, Clyde senses that another change is on the horizon.  More importantly, he might finally be able to get involved in the war instead of sitting on his throne. Hoping for a challenging fight, he has sent out his agents to find the source of the mysterious incidents and takes the first opportunity to join them.

Instead of a bloodthirsty enemy or a rampaging army of rogue Dawn Fangs, Clyde and his gang find Lost.  This whimsical and carefree teenager turns out to be as elusive as a master thief and she leaves mayhem in her wake.  Aided by her decrepit bunny and hunted by two armies, she is determined to find a father she has never met.  Bounding between Nyte and Nytefall, it becomes clear that there is something different about this Dawn Fang.  As the secrets behind Lost’s origin come to light, the kingdoms of the vampires will be left forever changed.

The womb-born have come of age.