The Misplaced Man - a tongue in cheek mystery by Nick James

The Misplaced Man - a tongue in cheek mystery kindle book promotion Nick James

Follow Sam Blades as he starts work at Shimmering Dreams, and hopes to climb the promotional ladder and bring security for himself and his girlfriend Bunny a Hong Kong ex-pat. Hailed as the greatest invention of its age, he would be working on new technology that downloads your dreams to your phone.

But, unbeknown to him, somebody behind the scenes is pulling the strings.

What lengths will someone go to when they are forced to repay a debt? Is Sam being set up as the fall guy to take the blame for dreams being used for nefarious activities? Who ends up taking matters into their own hands with drastic consequences?

Follow Sam’s tongue-in-cheek journey through a world of industrial espionage where he blindly battles against an alcohol-fuelled boss, a corrupt copper, a revenge-seeking hitman and a tone-deaf busker.

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