The Night Turner Tribune Five Tales of Terror: Samantha Jackson by Lee J. Minter

The Night Turner Tribune: Five Tales of Terror kindle book promotion Samantha Jackson

The Night Turner Tribune: Five Tales of Terror, Samantha Jackson is an anthology of ghastly and terrifying stories written with this time and era in mind. From "They Call it Izzy" to "The Cousin" Are you into internet dating? you might reconsider after reading "Blind Date" Do you have a relative that might have just too much interest in you that goes past familial? "The Cousin" just might make you stop taking their phone calls. Stale macaroni and cheese and bad fish sticks,  is the least of the Campers problems in "Camp Firefly" If you know someone that spends way too much time in dark places with vertical poles and women in skimpy clothes or next to nothing, tell them to check out "The Spell" before they make their next trip.  In New Orleans, "They Call It Izzy"  something is stalking and killing predators of the worst kind that has the misfortune of crossing its path.  Is it human, a demon or worst?  Five spine-tingling stories to keep you up at night, The author's only warning is: remember to leave the lights on, and make sure you lock the doors, as he takes you on a Tour de force of terror through the pages of The Night Turner Tribune: Five Tales of Terror.