Avantae: Rise of Rouhn (The Avantae Series) - a thrilling fantasy by Joel M. Kelly

Avantae: Rise of Rouhn (The Avantae Series) - a thrilling fantasy book promotion Joel M. Kelly

One of our reviewers said it best: "(Joel M. Kelly) is revolutionizing sci-fi in a manner that would make Tolkien look down from the heavens and smile. Y'all give him a read, rekindle that spark of a book you can't put down and remember why you used to love reading!"-J. Mclean

Humankind was on the edge of barbarism, and in an attempt to save humanity, gods and goddesses in an act of desperation sought to do the impossible in an alliance of necessity. Now, ages later, follow the journey of the brave young man Devin, and his best friend, John, as they run for their lives in an attempt to overcome impossible odds all in an effort to survive and to know what it means to be an Avantae. Join our hero as he makes new friends along the way. Discover dangerous and mysterious villains. Be prepared to follow the twists and turns; to witness adventure, strange magic, heartbreak, life and death, epic battles, and god versus god. Delight in the mysteries, and know that nothing is as it seems.

Avantae – Rise of Rouhn is the first book of a trilogy that is fast-paced with a complex storyline, and one that you will want to read twice.