Halorum - an invigorating fantasy adventure by Serdar Aydemir

Halorum - an invigorating fantasy adventure sale book promotion Serdar Aydemir

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What if you lived in a fantasy world where the reach of the Underworld possessed those whom lost their faith in the gods? Now what if you were in a harem of all-deadly females raised to seek and destroy these possessed? Or a legendary hero known as the Dragon Knight whose deeds of courage and valor were passed down in tales?

Through the years the realm of man contested their faith with one another, segmenting the once whole kingdom, and failed to foresee the Underworld ever growing. As the holy kingdom undertakes the task to withdraw the darkness from their realm, there rises another malice in the distant lands once held in the Light. King Tarkin will seek the aid of his old friend to vanquish this evil while the incredibly skilled Paulira of the Reaper Knights is sent on a quest to seek a legend.

Praise the Halorum Knights for if you lose your faith in the Light, shadow and decay shall forever take you!