Fate - the Tchaikovsky novel historical book promotion by Adin Dalton

Fate - the Tchaikovsky novel historical book promotion by Adin Dalton
Fate - the Tchaikovsky novel historical book promotion by Adin Dalton

A 19th-century tale of love and music that brings the fascinating life of P.I. Tchaikovsky to light in a way never seen before...

Based on letters written by the composer to friends and colleagues, historical documents, and recently uncovered facts, this epic novel finally brings to light the intimate personal story kept closely guarded by the man behind the music.

Deftly written, it follows the composer from the time of his youthful creation of the ballet "Swan Lake" up to his mysterious and controversial death, bringing to life the beautiful and at times tragic events that marked his life and the lovers that inspired his greatest creativity.  
Giving rise to fame that was at odds with his gentle demeanor, Pyotr Ilyich's work required travel to Paris, Vienna, Florence, Venice, and New York, as well as Saint Petersburg and Moscow. His catastrophic marriage, and the events leading up to his secret, illegal trial for homosexuality are also explored here.

Did society forgive him, or did fate have the last word? A fascinating read with a stunning ending.

Formerly published with the title "Pyotr Ilyich"
"...One of the best treatments of Tchaikovsky, fiction or nonfiction, ever written in English. The intelligently-handled theme of pre-20th-century homosexuality will come as a revelation to many readers. Enthusiastically recommended!" -The Historical Novel Society
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Additional information:  The famous 19th-century composer, P. I. Tchaikovsky lived in a colorful world of concert halls and the Imperial ballet, but his untimely death has long been a mystery. In this novel, the strange circumstances of it can finally be explained. His immense fame, unlawful sexuality, and the music that surrounds it all paint a unique and intriguing portrait of one of the most beloved composers of all time.