Traveller Inceptio - Sci Fi meets Historical Fiction, book by Rob Shackleford

Traveller Inceptio - Sci Fi meets Historical Fiction, book promotion Rob Shackleford

A traveller in the forests of Saxon Aengland finally meets a solitary monk praying for guidance. Seen as an answer to prayers, Michael is accepted by the monks and people of the village of Giolgrave.

Later, when returning from a boar hunt, Michael finds one of the monks has rummaged through his belongings and a pistol is discovered.

Traveller Inceptio is the account of how the Transporter - a limited time travel device - is accidentally developed through a sponsored research project by an Australian University. 

The PHD candidate inventors test the device to travel to an ancient beach and are discovered by aborigines. Further testing shows the Transporter takes any researcher back 1000 years.

After fierce international academic debate, historians lobby to use the Transporter to conduct a practical historical research mission to Saxon England. A select team of Special Forces researchers are trained to survive what is seen to be a dangerous time.

Michael is one of the researchers, called Travellers. His mission is to integrate into the lonely forest village community where he is treated with some suspicion and even awe. He then assists the village monks on their sacred mission to Snotengaham; Saxon Nottingham, to save sacred relics that risk destruction by Viking invaders.

Traveller Inceptio explores how a highly trained modern 21st Century soldier might survive in the Saxon society of early 11th Century Aengland, when society falls into disarray as the threat of Viking marauders becomes ever more real.