Fifteen Years of Lies - a novel of stalking suspense by Ann Minnett

Fifteen Years of Lies - a novel of stalking suspense free book promotion Ann Minnett

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Beautiful Whitefish, Montana serves as the setting for Fifteen Years of Lies, yet the story could occur anywhere and in any family struggling to keep harmful secrets. Parents of teenagers will relate to Lark’s fears for her son as his growing rebellion leads him to violence. The timely issue of sexual assault on campus will capture the attention of readers across this country. But Fifteen Years of Lies goes beyond today’s news stories to lay bare the aftermath of rape and its effects on the victim, the child, loved ones, and even the rapist. Readers will resonate with the raw emotions of past injustice and imminent threat when a suspected rapist believes he has found his victim and his son. How far will Lark and her friends go to protect Zane from the truth?