Emma Beware - a Suspense Thriller book by Michelle Anne Iden

Emma Beware - a Suspense Thriller book promotion Michelle Anne Iden

Every so often, love and betrayal go hand in hand.

Imagine being held captive with no visible way out. Now, envision techniques that would help free you! Emma Beware, Book One of this suspenseful thriller series incorporates proven ways to escape plus more.

Fourteen-year-old Emma Mae Davenport, an unsuspecting stand-out high school track athlete and student vanishes without a trace. An unknown perpetrator with a vendetta stalks Emma through cryptic text messages prior to her disappearance. 48 hours transpire before anyone realizes Emma is missing due to her mother being out of town on business and school out for teacher conferences.

Time's ticking--minute by minute. Four of her friends armed with cyber-techno skills discover nefarious doings. They form the group, "Warriors for Emma" and as they gather clues, uncover copious roadblocks and mishaps.

From a small town in Iowa, to an intriguing international context involving the FBI and headed by the Greek Adonis looking FBI Agent, Marco Damon, this saga unfolds quickly.

Where is Emma? Will she be found in time to celebrate her 15th birthday or will she remain missing?

Emma's story, great for the young adult, Millennium and adult audiences will mesmerize you. Her tale weaves intrigue, suspense, betrayal, friendship, family, mystery, love, faith, and sprinkled with humor will captivate the reader to keep turning pages.

Get ready for thrills and chills. It's like "Pretty Little Liars" with a twist of  "Gone Girl."

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