The Liberation of Lauren Lane - a book by Angela Pisaturo

The Liberation of Lauren Lane - a book promotion Angela Pisaturo

Lauren Lane, a sheltered young woman, dips her toe in the club scene to appease friends and family, as she decides what her future will be. She has a powerful decision to make: give her love to God or find a mate to marry and love. Lauren is conflicted. When she's in church, she feels she is home When she likes a boy, she thinks about marriage and family. But clubbing leaves her more confused, and frightened for her future.   Especially, after that incident with a boy in the club. In order to be sure of her calling, Lauren goes to community college to figure things out. Little did she know what fate awaited her, there and how it would drastically change her life.

A look into the campus scene and how an innocent girl finds herself in a most horrific situation.