Siege of Lightning - a scientific thriller book by R.J. Pineiro

Siege of Lightning - a scientific thriller book promotion R.J. Pineiro

Our space program has been sabotaged.  The Martian and Apollo 13 meets Tom Clancy in this gripping scientific thriller.

"An insider's look at the world of space exploration.  Truly a good read." --Nelson DeMille

Years before the International Space Station reached orbit, or before we had plans to travel to Mars, NASA's future hung in the balance . . .

America's greatest technological achievement--the brand new space shuttle Lightning--is in peril.  Our astronauts are stranded in orbit working through multiple malfunctions that threaten to make Lightning's maiden flight its last.

In Europe, a CIA officer comes across intelligence that suggests that the issues aboard Lightning are due to sabotage.  But he is suddenly labeled for termination.

At the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, a junior analyst also unearths data that suggests a conspiracy, but he is not sure how high it goes or who can be trusted.

Across two continents and in orbit, a battle rages for control of the future of space exploration.