The Lumberjack - thriller by Erik Martin Willen

The Lumberjack - thriller book promotion Erik Martin Willen

The Lumberjack is a very suspenseful drama thriller, and it will give you chills. The story can be described as a mix between; The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris and First Blood by David Morrell.

Looking for peace, she found a nightmare…

Fading movie star Christina Dawn has decided to start a new life, so she relocates from L.A. to a picturesque mountain town, hoping she'll find peace and tranquility there.

Meanwhile, a man who has hunted a witness to a massacre for over fifty years has also settled in the town, Skull Creek, in an effort to keep a dangerous legacy hidden from the world.

Little do Christina and Nero know that their paths will soon cross, leading to a horrifying revelation: a practice that has recurred for centuries, causing the murders of countless people, none of which have ever been linked or solved.

The largest manhunt in history is about to take place. But what law enforcement will soon discover is that they aren't the ones doing the hunting.

They're the ones being hunted.