All The Missing Pieces (Secrets, Lies & Alibis) by Juanita Tischendorf

All The Missing Pieces (Secrets, Lies & Alibis) book promotion Juanita Tischendorf

The Engelman family reign in Coral Ridge NY.  Kirtland Engelman the IV and his wife Rosemarie have one child, Barstow, who would become the next powerful Engelman in Coral Ridge, NY, since his sister, Katrina Engelman meets with disfavor with the family when she marries Philip Fischer and moves to Tennessee without the wealth of her birthright.  She has two children Tyler and Alyssa.  

When Katrina Engelman-Fischer goes missing, Philip tries to find her, traveling to New Orleans where he thinks she may have gone.  Sadly, he returns home to Tennessee without her, only to later find he is dying.  It is the Fischer grandparents who take in Tyler and Alyssa, but financially they are unable to afford to keep them, so they contact Kirtland Engelman. From a cradle of love into a cold, unfeeling environment, Tyler, and Alyssa are transported to live with their Aunt and Uncle Engelman, whom they had never met and Barstow who would become their nemesis. To help soften their situation, on the far end of the property in the care takers cottage lives Old Nathaniel Clark who befriends the children.  Unlike Barstow, the Fischer children become well-liked by the residents of Coral Ridge, which makes Barstow angry and he tries to make them feel inferior to him.  But it is not just within the Engelman family that rumors surface as questions are being asked about Zack Clark, the mysterious Detective and Ryan Hemingway who later starts dating Alyssa Fischer.   There are many skeletons that will come out of the closet and murders and disappearances that will need to be solved.  This suspenseful mystery will have you on the edge of your seat as you become privy to all the shameful offenses happening in this small town.