Into God's Light: My Experiences with a Modern Day Mystic by Timothy Noble

Into God's Light: My Experiences with a Modern Day Mystic book promotion sites Timothy Noble

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Without warning my world spontaneously dissolved into a space of bright light, where I was conscious yet unconscious, a condition that lasted anywhere from several seconds to several minutes – I really have no idea – but when it was over and conscious awareness of my surroundings returned, I somehow knew things I hadn’t known before. What I suddenly "knew" was the world was going to change in huge and dramatic ways. I had a part to play in it somehow, and to prepare myself for this uncertain future I was supposed to find a teacher.

So began my journey Into God's Light. My search for a teacher led me to a woman unlike any human being I had ever met, someone who would guide my spiritual development for over 20 years. Her name was Lady Enubi, and her incredible connection to the beings of Light and to God Himself led me to experience things that some would say are impossible or simply don't exist. Thanks to her, I learned that they did.

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