Khon'Tor's Wrath - a high fantasy series that will keep you guessing by Leigh Roberts

Khon'Tor's Wrath - a high fantasy series that will keep you guessing by Leigh Roberts

For everyone who wants to learn to swear in Sasquatch - this series is for you.  Not a fan of Sasquatch - doesn't matter.  Not a fan of swearing - doesn't matter either - after all, it's in Sasquatch-speak (well okay, maybe some of it is actually Klingon but, you know, I grew up with Star Trek...and...writer's privilege). 

Be honest - you got past the big blue people in Avatar didn't you?  Don't let a little extra body hair and the fact that they are 9 feet tall hold you back!  Besides, they are not pure Sasquatch - they are Sasquatch/human hybrids - the result of a decision made by the Ancients generations ago, when interbreeding with the humans seemed like a better choice than total extinction.

Khon'Tor's Wrath is the first book in nine-book high fantasy collection- with classic themes around the pursuit and protection of everything we all hold dear - love, family, belonging, honor - justice. Who of us has not come to a crossroad in life - a crossroads which demanded a decision we would never chosen to face?  A decision which would change the course of our own life, and that of everyone around us. A decision which we must make entirely from our own wisdom.  Alone-with no other council - knowing that which ever path we choose, there will be life-changing consequences.  

Khon'Tor's Wrath. I loved writing it.  I hope you will love reading it.  I promise that although the story continues through the nine books, there are no non-endings that will leave you irritated and cussing me out.  Cliffhangers that will entice you to want to read the others, yes, but there will be some type of closure in each book that will satisfy you - at least for the moment (insert evil author laugh).

Come with me on a journey to another world, another possible history, and then impress your friends and family with your new vocabulary!  It's 99 cents - what the krell?!

- Leigh